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Michigan Pools – Experts in Quality Fiberglass Inground Pools. Fiberglass is the Future.

Flexible, for cold weather climates in particular, when the ground freezes it moves significantly. This condition cracks concrete inground pools because they are so rigid, but fiberglass flexes and returns to it’s original shape, it is why we can warranty it against cracking and gunite cannot. Strength, with a tensile strength of 28,346 psi (the pressure required to fracture one square inch of our Michigan pools) a San Juan Pool is 17 times stronger than concrete, we can withstand ground movement, abnormal soil conditions, freezing, thawing and even earthquakes without damage! Maintenance, fiberglass requires no expensive acid washes ( $400 to $600), no replastering about $8,000 for a typical 16′ x 32′ pool, no liner replacement about 3,500 for a standard size pool, and requires about half of the chemicals of these other inground pools. It’s surface is permanent and is nearly impervious to damage.

If damage should occur we can repair the area as if no damage had ever happened, unlike concrete. Can you fix a crack in your driveway to be invisible? No! Vinyl liner patches are unsightly and not permanent. So while a fiberglass Michigan Pool may be slightly higher in initial cost, it will save you thousands on maintenance, utilities and chemicals. One last thing to consider, it usually takes about half the time to install fiberglass Michigan pools.

We work with some of the finest home builders in the area. Our inground pools can be customized to fit your needs with features like, waterfalls, lighting, spa systems, ceramic tile, swim-jets, automated sanitizers, decorative concrete and a host of other features to make your backyard truly beautiful. Let the team of San Juan Pools and San Juan Pools of Michigan make your backyard a true summer resort. Call us for your free backyard consultation, and be sure to ask about no money down 100% financing also available.

Our inground pools are the only fiberglass Michigan pools featured in the book of “The Worlds Most Beautiful Pools”, the Price is Right tv show, Fox news story on a “Floating Pool” in Sarasota FL., the “Today Show” for our pool on board the Bart Roberts, at the time the largest private yacht, and we are the only fiberglass pool chosen to be installed on the pool deck of a Las Vegas hotel, at the Rio! So, stick with the industry leader & the only company with over 50 years of experience, San Juan!